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Nutware’s comprehensive contract management and reporting systems are world class. Contracts from Nutware are used by many of our clients, in both domestic and international shipping and sales. Nutware provides vast inventory, purchase and sales reports which are present in every aspect. Reports can be customized to your business’s needs.

Device Integration

Our software is integrated with mobile devices, touchpads, processing equipment and scales. Integration of devices to our software allows for automated transactions of accurate data across a variety of systems. Automation equals less data entry and human error, allowing your business to automatically capture precise data as product moves throughout your facility.


Nutware Software was built with traceability in mind. Advanced features such as scanning, QC grading automation and production management tools allow for inclusive and intuitive product traceability.


Track your inventory with ease. NutStar’s inventory control modules provide complete tracking of product—from receiving through sales using lot number automation, bar-coding, mobile scanners and robust inventory reporting. Our software ensures your inventory is recorded, located and easily managed.


Our software manages all of your company and vendor information, allowing for seamless purchasing and record keeping. Maintain accurate historical purchase data as well as internal audit trails. With Nutware, purchases made are secure, reliable and organized.


Sales are made simple with our software. Create SKUs for reoccurring orders, put product on hold until order specifications are met and auto notify staff when shipments are ready. Nutware translates and compiles product, shipping and location data allowing for the seamless sale of your products.