NutStar’s COVID-19 Response

Due to COVID-19, NutStar is taking certain precautions to protect our staff and clients, we will have minimal staff in our office over the next several weeks. Unfortunately, we will be down to ONE phone line, until further notice.  If you have an emergency call our office,  if there is no answer, please send us an email marked urgent and we can call you back as soon as possible. We would recommend to use only EMAIL as the main source of communication with our office, if possible, during this time; all NutStar employees will be working remotely and will have access to the Support email box. Our response to the Covid-19 virus may temporarily slow current development, however, we will be actively working to complete all open tickets as quickly as possible. We apologize greatly for any inconvenience these precautions may cause, NutStar will remain dilligent during this time to continue to serve our clientele. Please send us an email if you have any questions or concerns.