We would not do what we do if it wasn’t for you, our clients. Though there are challenges in every project, our clients remain our priority. This year, we have added a few fresh faces and shifted some of the team around to new roles.

  • Dante Jones and Valerie Miranda are bringing their customer service skills to the team as new Product Support Specialists. They are and continue to be great additions to the team.
  • Tigen Bowman is steering the ship, keeping your development moving by managing the product support and programming teams as our On-Site Manager. She is bringing much needed structure to the organization.
  • Though Rhiannon McCullough is not a new face, her role has changed significantly. She has been as asset as an excellent product support specialist and we are excited to communicate that Rhiannon has helped shape and is now filling the role of Quality Assurance Analyst, making final checks to all development before it goes out to our clients.

Every staff member we have added is to better attend to your needs in your day-to-day operations. It is a thrill for us to be growing in order to serve you better.