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NutStar Software provides responsive service, experienced professionalism and inventive technology to our clients. Nutware, our flagship software, provides complete electronic solutions for commodity handlers, processors, hullers, shellers and brokers. Nutware makes inventory control simple, efficient and accurate. Purchasing and sales are streamlined and controlled and with 24/7 phone support, our clients are always able to get I touch with one of our dedicated staff members. At NutStar supporting our clients, day or night, is our business.

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Nutware is at the forefront of inventory control in the Nut Industry. Productive and cost effective, Nutware’s inventory control modules provide complete tracking of product—from receiving through sales. Using lot number automation, barcoding and robust inventory reporting, Nutware ensures your inventory is recorded, located and easily managed.


We make purchasing efficient and simplistic. Our software is custom tailored to your business’s specific needs, delivering the results that you are looking for. Purchases made with Nutware are secure, reliable and organized.


Sales are made simple with our software. Nutware translates and compiles product, shipping and location data in our comprehensive system. We can modify this presented data to be tailored to the needs of your business.

Features, innovated by industry demand.

NutStar Team

Our talented team understands our industry’s needs

NutStar is run by a team of professional and innovative Central Valley locals with years of agricultural, business and technological experience.

Our business and software began in Central California over 10 years ago with roots in prominent nut processing facilities around the valley. Our skilled 24/7 support staff and experienced industry professionals provide our clients with an exceptional level of service and products. NutStar’s staff is personable, responsive and cares about the needs of your business. We are driven, passionate and treat our clients like family. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and specialized expertise for your company.

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Nutware provides a complete solution for Handlers, Processors, Hullers, Shellers and Brokers.