NutStar Software Features

Our Software is feature rich and customizable to fit every facet of your business. At NutSar, our goal is to provide you with software that fits every practice of your company.

Machine Processing​

Our software facilitates and works in tune with machines present at processing facilities. With full scale machine integration, removal of human error and the presence of precise computer processing, Nutware has become an industry standard alongside machine processing.

Real-Time Information

Access to real time information allows for precise locations and status of products at all stages of production. This live data allows for quick inventory decisions based on accurate, up-to-date information that improves flow of the overall process as well as complete commodity control with user-friendly interfaces.


Our in-house developers have made it possible to bring together various commercial systems to a user-friendly, singular view platform. Nutware allows you to control and monitor various systems from one software application, allowing for total process control from a single digital system.

Additional Features

Inventory Control

Track and store receiving and shipping data with Nutware’s inventory program using a relation database accompanied by a robust barcoding system. Nutware provides on-hand balances and inventory positions with the use of the software, touch pads and handheld wireless scanners. Advanced features include QC grade automation, sophisticated pick-list programming and production management. Inventory control has never been more accurate, efficient and easy.

Sales & Shipping

Nutware’s shipping and contract management is a comprehensive program, allowing users to provide shipping documents, certificates, contracts and all other order documents your company may possess. Nutware provides integration with freight-forwarding companies who offer business-to-business transactions, as well as automations for email, fax or text. NutStar will implement any sales & shipping documents you have into your company’s version of Nutware.

Grower Accounting

Nutware’s grower accounting feature is designed to store and track grower payments into the relational database. Nutware is able to collect standard grading; including USDA, DFA, PGS and RTT per incoming. Our program includes contract types like call, pool, cash and industry purchases. Nutware provides grower position and grower statement reports as well as the capability to implement or change any document within the system, custom-form to your business. Nutware’s grower accounting molds to your current business practices. Our features include online grower reporting, report automation and email integration. Make Grower accounting a breeze with Nutware.

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