No More Re-Tagging Bins

It was another busy day in the warehouse and the plant manager stood with his hands on his hips. He watched the forklifts buzzing past, heard the trucks pulling up to the scales and he momentarily marveled at the precision and efficiency of the operation.

What was so amazing as he watched a newly-arrived truck being unloaded, was the fact that it used to be so different. Annoyingly, frustratingly different in fact. When a 20-bin load came in from a huller/sheller, one of the biggest headaches he and his team had to deal with was taking an accounting of the new inventory with bin tags that were unreadable. It would slow the entire operation down until new tags were created, printed and slapped on the bins. 

Simply put- one of the best decisions of the past few years was to implement a software system that changed the face of the operation’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Here at NutStar Software, we have heard variations of this scenario time and time again. In this particular example, we developed a solution for all tags with standard barcode 39’s and QR codes to be readable and up-loadable into NutWare, regardless of their point of origin. It’s one way we are helping your inventories balance out.

It continues to be our pleasure to offer confidence in your processes by providing custom solutions for your team and your business. Today, we offer agile development processes that allow for rapid identification of your need, custom development, and implementation. We thrive on helping you to make your goals a reality.

Thanks for letting us help you feed the world.