New scanner development

NutStar Software, LLC has successfully integrated with the Android platform for handheld scanners. We are launching a new development involving the camera on the Android RK95 and RS51 scanners. This development will allow users to capture pictures of various things such as woodbins or shipping containers and store them with weight certificates, lots, or sales orders within Nutware. The mobile software is currently undergoing testing at one Processor location to improve the quality and validate the reliability of the product. Releasing first week of March 2021! Please enquire with NutStar Support to receive more information on the development or how to purchase the new Android scanners.

Nutware VWS

Nutware VWS

NutStar developers have created a virtual warehouse that requires practically no scanning. Our forklift mounted software NUTWARE VWS utilizes the latest technology to produce real views of bin, barrel, sack and pallet positions. We have been programming this addition to the Nutware products for 3 years and believe this to be one of the greatest advances in warehouse programs for the tree nut industry.

We are currently in the live testing phase. There are 3 test sites to ensure our success and complete the initial screenings. NUTWARE VWS is designed to work with current Nutware processing software or other 3rd party software.

NutStar Welcome’s New Employees

It is with great pleasure that NutStar introduces its newest three employees: Dustin Hamlett, Kevin Carbajal, and Jamie Storzbach. During these unpredictable times of 2020, we are very fortunate to have the opportunity to welcome these individuals as part of the NutStar family! Dustin Hamlett joins the team as the newest programmer for the software. Between Dustin’s background of education at Arizona State University, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, and his training in the Army, Dustin has a strong passion for computers and programming software. He states that through his work here at NutStar, he hopes to improve his technical skills and learn more about how the agricultural industry works. Kevin Carbajal also joins the team as a programmer with a strong drive to gain more experience in the software field and obtain networking opportunities. Kevin served in the army for six years and was able to work hands on with information technology. Kevin’s profound interest in computers and problem solving is what he says encouraged him to join NutStar. He hopes to use his prior experience and education to dive headfirst into learning about the world of nut industry software. Lastly, Jamie Storzbach joins the NutStar team as the new sales representative. Jamie’s education at Stanislaus State University, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies, has helped her gain the organizational and relational skills needed to be an affective team member. With a great amount of customer service, sales, and marketing experience, Jamie hopes to gain more knowledge of custom software and the new advances in technology that NutStar provides. She states that she is excited to use this opportunity to embrace her creativity and drive for success to enhance the marketing and sales for the company. NutStar welcomes their newest employees with open arms as they begin their journey in the nut industry!

American Pistachio Growers 2020 Conference

Thank you to the American Pistachio Growers for arranging a brilliant 2020 conference! Throughout the several days of exhibitions and a full conference held in Monterey, the APG conference was a lively bunch of growers, processors, brokers and Ag service companies that expanded business connections, showcased advancements and worked to pursue an even brighter future for the American Pistachio processing companies. We are grateful for the warm welcome and NutStar is proud to be a part of the American Pistachio industry. Hit the “connect” button on our web page and or call our office at (209) 250-1324 to learn more about our software, Nutware, and our advancement in the software for pistachios. 

2020 World AG Expo

NutStar Staff  toured the 2020 World Ag Expo in Tulare, Ca. Daniel Corvello and Brandon Von Allman stand for a picture in front of the Farm Credit Dairy Center prior to the tour of exibitors. NutStar Software believes having a presence at as many agricultural exhibitions as possible,  throughout the state,  not only brings us closer with our current clients but builds a stronger connection with each business in our industry. NutStar Software looks forward to exhibiting at the 2021 World Ag Expo, showcasing new and products sure to excite the industry!



2019 Sacramento Almond Conference

NutStar Software proudly exhibited at the 2019 Almond Conference in Sacramento. The Almond conference brings professionals from around the World for the common advancement of the Almond Industry as a whole. NutStar showcased our new refined Hulling program, to the interest of many attendees and current clientele. NutStar appreciates the opportunities afforded by the conference and everyone who participates in this great convention, we look forward to cultivating lasting connections with each individual and company with met with. Hit the CONTACT button above to schedule a demo of Nutware today.