Introducing “NutStar Market”

Nutstar would like to introduce “NutStar Market”, a new service exclusive to our client community.   This new service allows our members to buy or sell with banner listings.   NutStar will approve items such as equipment, machinery, office furniture, devices and perhaps surplus or hash commodity.   Our client community includes CFO’s, general management and business owners, which creates a decision-making group that may have interest in buying or selling to other handlers.  Our expectation for this Market Place is to provide listings for raw materials of any commodity.   Please sign in and view our latest listings.

Almond Board Conference 2022

Once again, we partnered together with the California Almond Board Conference. This year, like previous years, we were proud to welcome plenty of visitors to our booth. Which is why we have not missed an ABC yet. Team members always have a fun time catching up with our current clients and talking about our innovations. We also greatly enjoy getting to hear how we can be a solution in the Tree Nut Industry. This year we have met many handlers ready to start with software to improve their systems and we have had the opportunity to invite other handlers who want to switch over to and explore the NutStar community. Which makes our attendance at the Almond Board Conference worth it. We are then able to increase our cliental community within the Almond industry.

While in Sacramento, we were amazed by the sizes and the amount of machinery and technology needed to get an Almond to the table. Edd (NutStar Programmer) “There was so much technology and innovation that I felt like I was a kid walking through Tony Stark’s tower, brimming with incredible devices and technological solutions to our daily agriculture life. I saw some devices the size of an almond, others were giant, comparable to the size of Bumblebee from Transformers.”
Our main focus was to display one of the first in software in the industry to have built a virtual warehouse.  Providing a solution for hands free scanning with forklift mounted software.  Eliminating position errors with technology.

Other products on display NutWare Software, NutWare Touch, NutWare Online, Nutware QC, and NutWare Mobile.
NutStar took on the conference with 6 team members this year. Frank Ramos (Founder), Molly Waite (Product Support Specialist), Rhiannon McCullough (QC Analyst), Danny Corvello (Special Projects Manager), Edd Castillo (Programmer), and Crystal Cazares (Sales Representative). After all the hard work, relationship building, and educational experiences our team members were able have a little more fun at night in some of the best restaurants in Downtown Sac.

Once again, we all want to thank the staff over at the Almond Board and all the almond industry leaders that have taken part in the 2022 Almond Board Conference.

Please feel free to get on contact with us for more information and to partner with our team.
Call us at 209-250-1324, Email us at or please find the contact button up at the top of this page.

Transform your warehouse into an efficient operation

With precise and real-time information, your days of lost inventory and inaccurate data are numbered. Literally. Just last week, I was sitting at lunch with a client. While enjoying our Baja tacos and sipping a couple of brews, we chatted about the challenges of warehouse inventory. He lamented to me that just this last year, they had an undisclosed number of pounds of product that were moved to some dark recess of a warehouse and was promptly forgotten about. When they stumbled upon the lost inventory, they discovered that it had gone bad. They lost the entire batch due to a breakdown in their management system. I’m sure many of you have relatable nightmares that you could share over a mug or two. We hear it time and time again- lost inventory due to negligence, misplacement, mis-categorization, mistakes and more. It goes without saying that lost inventory is lost profit. Therefore, plant managers and c-suite members are constantly looking for ways to mitigate loss and increase efficiency. That’s why the Virtual Warehouse System was developed. To make sure that you never lose a bin or profit again. The system relies upon a powerful database software, NutWare, which helps warehouse personnel manage their inventory. VWS takes management one step further by giving leadership teams as well as warehouse personnel real-time, pin-point accurate data with the added benefit of a 3Dimensional visual representation of the location of any bin with matching criteria. It makes pick lists truly accurate and has the potential to speed the process of picking by massive percentages. QC Filters drive the data and the interactivity deeper into a robust reporting, management and traceability tool. When combined with the physical attributes of being able to automatically scan bin tags upon approach, 2 bins high and log location upon pull-away, VWS stands to transform your warehouse management system into a highly-effective and efficient operation.

Almond Conference 2021

Nutstar was pleased to attend the Almond Board 2021 annual conference in Sacramento. Nutstar has been attending for over 15 years. Each year this conference gives Nutstar an opportunity to showcase new products and meet with new and current clients. Our focus this year at the event was to introduce our latest project with forklift mounted software. Our Nutware VWS program was demonstrated with our scaled forklift and warehouse.  We appreciate all interested and look forward to implementing our VWS to 4 of our current clients in 2022. With this advancement our clients will be able to map inventory in a 3D virtual environment without using a hand scanner.  In the future Nutware will no longer require tagging bins and use AI technology.   Almond Board Conference is a primary trade show that continues to grow Nutstar’s user community.

New Scanner Development

NutStar Software, LLC has successfully integrated with the Android platform for handheld scanners. We are launching a new development involving the camera on the Android RK95 and RS51 scanners. This development will allow users to capture pictures of various things such as woodbins or shipping containers and store them with weight certificates, lots, or sales orders within Nutware. The mobile software is currently undergoing testing at one Processor location to improve the quality and validate the reliability of the product. Releasing first week of March 2021! Please enquire with NutStar Support to receive more information on the development or how to purchase the new Android scanners.

Nutware VWS

Nutware VWS

NutStar developers have created a virtual warehouse that requires practically no scanning. Our forklift mounted software NUTWARE VWS utilizes the latest technology to produce real views of bin, barrel, sack and pallet positions. We have been programming this addition to the Nutware products for 3 years and believe this to be one of the greatest advances in warehouse programs for the tree nut industry.

We are currently in the live testing phase. There are 3 test sites to ensure our success and complete the initial screenings. NUTWARE VWS is designed to work with current Nutware processing software or other 3rd party software.

American Pistachio Growers 2020 Conference

Thank you to the American Pistachio Growers for arranging a brilliant 2020 conference! Throughout the several days of exhibitions and a full conference held in Monterey, the APG conference was a lively bunch of growers, processors, brokers and Ag service companies that expanded business connections, showcased advancements and worked to pursue an even brighter future for the American Pistachio processing companies. We are grateful for the warm welcome and NutStar is proud to be a part of the American Pistachio industry. Hit the “connect” button on our web page and or call our office at (209) 250-1324 to learn more about our software, Nutware, and our advancement in the software for pistachios. 

2020 World AG Expo

NutStar Staff  toured the 2020 World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA. Daniel Corvello and Brandon Von Allman stand for a picture in front of the Farm Credit Dairy Center prior to the tour of exhibitors. NutStar Software believes having a presence at as many agricultural exhibitions as possible,  throughout the state,  not only brings us closer with our current clients but builds a stronger connection with each business in our industry. NutStar Software looks forward to exhibiting at the 2021 World Ag Expo, showcasing new and products sure to excite the industry!

2019 Sacramento Almond Conference

NutStar Software proudly exhibited at the 2019 Almond Conference in Sacramento. The Almond conference brings professionals from around the World for the common advancement of the Almond Industry as a whole. NutStar showcased our new refined Hulling program, to the interest of many attendees and current clientele. NutStar appreciates the opportunities accommodated by the conference and everyone who participates in this great convention. We look forward to cultivating lasting connections with each individual and company we’ve met with.

Happy Holidays From NutStar Software

NutStar Software staff kicked off the holiday season this past weekend with our annual holiday party, held at Table 26 in Turlock. NutStar Staff were joined by local clients and friends in the industry celebrating another harvest and the beginning of the holiday season. NutStar Staff aim to provide friendly support of all of our products while forging close working relationships with our clients. NutStar Software wishes everyone a cheerful and safe holiday season as well as a happy new year!