Come See Us At The 2022 Almond Conference

Come see us at the 2022 Almond Conference! With hundreds of sponsors and exhibitors, industry presentations and more, this year is poised to be a big year for NutStar Software.

We are excited to share with you the innovations the team has made in your grower purchasing, sales tracking and inventory management software solutions. Not to mention the official launch of the Virtual Warehouse System, a complete inventory control and tracking system.

Come by our booth to learn more, meet some new faces and re-connect with some old ones. Looking forward to seeing you!


NutStar developers have created a virtual warehouse that requires practically no scanning. Our forklift mounted software NUTWARE VWS utilizes the latest technology to produce real views of bin, barrel, sack and pallet positions. We have been programming this addition to the Nutware products for 3 years and believe this to be one of the greatest advances in warehouse programs for the tree nut industry. We are currently in the live testing phase. There are 3 test sites to ensure our success and complete the initial screenings. NUTWARE VWS is designed to work with current Nutware processing software or other 3rd party software.

New Scanner Development

NutStar Software, LLC has successfully integrated with the Android platform for handheld scanners. We are launching a new development involving the camera on the Android RK95 and RS51 scanners. This development will allow users to capture pictures of various things such as woodbins or shipping containers and store them with weight certificates, lots, or sales orders within Nutware. The mobile software is currently undergoing testing at one Processor location to improve the quality and validate the reliability of the product. Releasing first week of March 2021! Please enquire with NutStar Support to receive more information on the development or how to purchase the new Android scanners.

NEW Android Scanners 2020

Introducing a new platform for Cipherlab scanners: ANDROID. The RK95 and RS51 Droid scanners provide the same functionality as the Cipherlab 9700 series but with newer features and added benefits. As a bonus, our clients will no longer need to send in scanners for the newest update. These Droid scanners allow for our programmers to send the updates via online.

Please click for more information and scanner specs on links provided below.

For purchasing options, please call the office and ask for our Scanner Sales Representative.

Cipherlab Droid RK95 Scanner

Cipherlab Droid RS51 Scanner

Welcome to the NutStar Client Portal!

NutStar would like to welcome our clients to the newly improved Client Login! While on this page you have the ability to view open and closed tickets from your company and request updates on current open tickets. The Nutstar Client Portal will showcase articles about our company, products and staff, allowing our clients to know what’s new, at NutStar. NutStar Software is also proud to present NutStar Market, located to the right on the main login screen, NutStar Market will provide our clients the option to list and sell equipment and product to other NutStar clientele, with the option of anonymity (you are not required to list your company name), simply list any contact information and supply a Photo of what your selling, allowing NutStar users from an array of 60 handler contact you directly. We appreciate your business and look forward to you utilizing NutStar’s Client Portal!