No More Re-Tagging Bins

It was another busy day in the warehouse and the plant manager stood with his hands on his hips. He watched the forklifts buzzing past, heard the trucks pulling up to the scales and he momentarily marveled at the precision and efficiency of the operation.

What was so amazing as he watched a newly-arrived truck being unloaded, was the fact that it used to be so different. Annoyingly, frustratingly different in fact. When a 20-bin load came in from a huller/sheller, one of the biggest headaches he and his team had to deal with was taking an accounting of the new inventory with bin tags that were unreadable. It would slow the entire operation down until new tags were created, printed and slapped on the bins. 

Simply put- one of the best decisions of the past few years was to implement a software system that changed the face of the operation’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Here at NutStar Software, we have heard variations of this scenario time and time again. In this particular example, we developed a solution for all tags with standard barcode 39’s and QR codes to be readable and up-loadable into NutWare, regardless of their point of origin. It’s one way we are helping your inventories balance out.

It continues to be our pleasure to offer confidence in your processes by providing custom solutions for your team and your business. Today, we offer agile development processes that allow for rapid identification of your need, custom development, and implementation. We thrive on helping you to make your goals a reality.

Thanks for letting us help you feed the world. 

Merced Mayor Visit

Since our move from the Turlock office to our new location on the corner of 18th and V St. in downtown Merced, we have had the opportunity to host several city officials. This last week members of the NutStar team welcomed Merced City Mayor Matt Serrato. We spoke with Mayor Serrato about new business opportunities in the City of Merced as well as ways that we might positively contribute in the coming months and years.

We look forward to partnering more with the city and its good people!

Pictured left to right- (Dante Jones- Product Specialist, Aaron Pham- Developer, Frank Ramos- Owner, Mayor Matt Serrato, Matt Shumaker- Operations Director, Tigen Bowman- On-site Manager, Cindy Ramos- Finance & Sales, Ana Maldonado- Developer)

Almond Conference 2021

Nutstar was pleased to attend the Almond Board 2021 annual conference in Sacramento. Nutstar has been attending for over 15 years. Each year this conference gives Nutstar an opportunity to showcase new products and meet with new and current clients. Our focus this year at the event was to introduce our latest project with forklift mounted software. Our Nutware VWS program was demonstrated with our scaled forklift and warehouse.  We appreciate all interested and look forward to implementing our VWS to 4 of our current clients in 2022. With this advancement our clients will be able to map inventory in a 3D virtual environment without using a hand scanner.  In the future Nutware will no longer require tagging bins and use AI technology.   Almond Board Conference is a primary trade show that continues to grow Nutstar’s user community.

American Pistachio Growers 2020 Conference

Thank you to the American Pistachio Growers for arranging a brilliant 2020 conference! Throughout the several days of exhibitions and a full conference held in Monterey, the APG conference was a lively bunch of growers, processors, brokers and Ag service companies that expanded business connections, showcased advancements and worked to pursue an even brighter future for the American Pistachio processing companies. We are grateful for the warm welcome and NutStar is proud to be a part of the American Pistachio industry. Hit the “connect” button on our web page and or call our office at (209) 250-1324 to learn more about our software, Nutware, and our advancement in the software for pistachios. 

2020 World AG Expo

NutStar Staff  toured the 2020 World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA. Daniel Corvello and Brandon Von Allman stand for a picture in front of the Farm Credit Dairy Center prior to the tour of exhibitors. NutStar Software believes having a presence at as many agricultural exhibitions as possible,  throughout the state,  not only brings us closer with our current clients but builds a stronger connection with each business in our industry. NutStar Software looks forward to exhibiting at the 2021 World Ag Expo, showcasing new and products sure to excite the industry!

2019 Sacramento Almond Conference

NutStar Software proudly exhibited at the 2019 Almond Conference in Sacramento. The Almond conference brings professionals from around the World for the common advancement of the Almond Industry as a whole. NutStar showcased our new refined Hulling program, to the interest of many attendees and current clientele. NutStar appreciates the opportunities accommodated by the conference and everyone who participates in this great convention. We look forward to cultivating lasting connections with each individual and company we’ve met with.

South Valley Nut & Citrus Conference

Brandon Von Allman and Karan Chahal attended and networked at the 2019 South Valley Nut & Citrus Conference in Tulare, Ca. NutStar Software attends many networking and Agricultural conferences around the state, our staff work to maintain strong relationships within the industry as well as reach out to growing businesses. NutStar strives to provide the tree nut industry with outstanding software and personable support to our clientele.

2019 WAPA Convention

NutStar Software staff, Richard Barela, Brandon Von Allman and Molly Waite attended the 2019 Western Agricultural Processors Association annual convention in Monterey, California. Our team met with current clients, made lasting connections with new partners and showcased our newest technology options available alongside our software. NutStar Software strives to build strong and lasting relationships throughout the processing industry, WAPA events and conventions are a great place for businesses and working relationships to grow and prosper.

Welcome To NutStar Software!

NutStar staff would like to extend our appreciation to new clients joining the NutStar community! NutStar is an industry leader in the AG software arena, due to the caliber of our clientele. The depth and scope of Nutware has been made possible due to the innovation of each of our clients. With the addition of new clientele, our company continues to grow alongside the expanding industry. Nutware is a culmination of years of progressive and intuitive client developments combined with industry need. When you join NutStar Software you are joining a community of leaders working together toward a more efficient and technologically modern industry!

Harvest Is On The Horizon

The 2019 tree nut harvest is within sight, NutStar Software would like to wish everyone involved in the agriculutral Industry a happy, safe and prosperous harvest. NutStar Software work closely with our clients through harvest, our staff remain vigilant in supplying in-housebest 24/7 product support in the industry. NutStar Software staff are here to support our clients businesses, day or night!